Dr. Sluzki provides a range of psychiatric services that include a skillful diagnosis and assessment, an empathic, accessible psychotherapy and (if necessary), the judicious integration of medications with the psychological and relational dimensions of his patients.

With over 40 years of clinical experience in public and private settings, Dr. Sluzki has chaired Departments of Psychiatry in general hospitals for 22 years. He is currently Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.


Dr. Sluzki provides individual therapy, following a non-confrontational approach towards conflict transformation and trauma healing. He facilitates an open re-examination and sometimes reconfiguration of personal and interpersonal concerns, conflicts, and dilemmas.

Fully trained as a psychoanalyst, his added systemic and socio-cultural perspective has made him an Internationally recognized master clinician.


In his practice of family and couple therapy, Dr. Sluzki offers a gentle and balanced approach to a creative resolution of painful dynamics that can anchor symptoms and disfunctions in relationships, within the added complexities of living through a prolonged pandemic in a rapidly changing society. He has helped countless couples locked in conflict and families struggling with seeming intractable symptoms or inter-generational conflicts, including problematic relations with offspring or parents, and painful transitions.

Dr. Sluzki has been a leader in the development of the field of systemic therapies. A twice awardee of the American Family Therapy Academy and Honorary Member of the American Family Therapy Academy and the European Family Therapy Association, he has authored multiple books and articles on the subject and is a frequent keynote presenter in National and International symposia and congresses.


As a consultant and supervisor for professionals seeking to reassess problematic or complex clinical cases, reverse therapeutic dead ends, or simply expand their skills, Dr. Sluzki facilitates a respectful, comfortable, collegial experience in person or online.

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